Increase Your Revenue with our SUPER TICKET

Super Ticket

Why is it so important to ask for only one donation?

  • Because no one enjoys constantly being interrupted and solicited for donations while they are trying to enjoy a round of golf.
  • Because your golfers will appreciate this ‘one-donation’ approach to fundraising and as a result, you will have happy golfers that will come back next year!
  • And because you will make more money!

The SuperTicket Program averages $3,000 Net Profit for charities that utilize it at their tournament.

Why do Golfers Want To Purchase A SuperTicket?

Because beyond what the standard mulligan package has, ex: mulligans, raffle tickets, contests entry, etc., every SuperTicket feature the following to generate value for their money:

  • Entry into drawing for $100,000 shoot out (chance to be 1 of 4 SuperTickets drawn-4 shots are insured)
  • Golfsmith Gift Card* Redeemable in-store or online
  • Golf Club Certificate (Your choice 27” hybrid or 50” Attack Wedge both a $120 value, $29.95 including shipping)
  • Entry into scratcher game to win a vacation