Hole in 1 Insurance

Hole-In-One Prize Planning Guide

Those of you who have either planned, or played in a golf tournament, know how much excitement hole-in-one prizes can add to the event.

Our objective is to take this process to an entirely new level. Why not offer spectacular prizes on each of the par threes? Why not give several local sponsors a chance to promote their businesses? Why ask each sponsor to look around for a separate hole-in-one prize company? Why not package the deal and save everyone time and money? The golf tournament pays for the coverage and in turn asks each of the sponsors to kick in a promotional fee, $250-300 is pretty common, sometimes more. We package the coverage and provide each sponsor with a beautiful, customized tee sign.

Who are candidates for sponsorships?

Let your imagination run wild. Any local business can be approached. Car dealers, motorcycle dealers and banks are natural prospects. An attorney or a doctor can offer $5,000 or $10,000 worth of services. A restaurant can offer free food and beverage. Travel agents can offer a cruise to all members of the foursome and their spouses. Over the years we have offered boats, airplanes, cash, jewelry, vacations and even livestock. All we need to know is the prize value for each hole. With that information we can customize the package for you.

What if we don’t want to look for sponsors for every hole?

If you want to keep things simple, just purchase one of our standard Tee 2 Green prize packages listed on the Proposal.

What if two holes-in-one are scored?

Multiple holes-in-one receive multiple prizes without limit. The prize value automatically resets if a hole-in-one is recorded. It is not necessary to advertise “first hole-in-one”.

How do we get started?

There are three steps to the process…

Step 1: Determine Coverage….

Find the hole-in-one prize sponsor(s) and determine how much coverage they will need. Keep in mind that the rate increases as the yardage of the par three hole decreases. In other words, the shorter the hole, the greater the cost. The example proposal below should help you get a pretty good fix on the costs.

Example Below

Each sample assumes a typical one-day tournament with 144 amateur golfers playing on an 18-hole golf course using a 160+ yard par three Target hole. Final cost will depend upon the actual Target hole prize value, hole yardages and the final number of participants. 100 golfers will cost $220/$275/$435 respectively. Golf course sponsored events such as member-members, member-guests and pro-ams will be slightly higher.

Step 2: The second step…

Let us at Tee 2 Green know how many sponsors you have and which holes will be used by each one. Be sure to give us the names of each sponsor so we know what to put on the tee sign(s). We need at least seven (7) business days to produce and ship tee signs. Expedited orders incur a modest surcharge. The signs will be sent directly to the golf course unless you specify otherwise. Please try to recover the tee signs. They can be used over and over for future tournaments.

In turn, we will send you a Confirmation of Coverage/Invoice. All you need to do is make sure that a check is postmarked to us on or before the day of the event unless other billing arrangements have been made in advance.

Step 3: Contact Us:

If you want to continue further, Contact Us.

How long does it take to process everything?

To process the paperwork takes a couple of hours. Lots of tournaments don’t even know their exact head count until the last day or so. This will affect the cost. The only thing that takes time is ordering and shipping the tee signs. The more time you can give us, the less chance for a foul-up. If, heaven forbid, the sign shipment gets lost, an extra day or so really helps us track it down.

What if we have questions?

Feel free to call us. If we are not here, just leave a message and we will get right back to you. Email is always answered promptly. Click here to contact us.

Good Luck with your event!