The Tee 2 Green Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser

The event is simple. Drop numbered golf balls out of a helicopter onto targets, figure out which balls are closest to the target, then give away the prizes based on their distance from the target.

Your organization will start by selling the numbered golf balls. Imagine selling a little red raffle ticket. The person you sell it to is waiting for their number to be called to stand the chance of winning some sort of prize. Every person who buys a ball (or balls) will be given numbers corresponding back to their purchase so they know where they stand – much like a little red raffle ticket falling from the sky.  We then go out and measure which numbered balls are closest in proximity to the targets and award prizes based on their position away from the targets.

If you have good salespeople, and remember, winners need not be present to win so you can sell via social media, etc., you’ll make thousands of dollars.